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This a blog for my random doddles and drawings most of which are from my own manga Project Asylum!
Take a look around if you'd like but don't stay to long or you might lose your mind...

Have a nice day you wonderful person! And please check out my webcomic, Project Asylum!!
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OC: Rin Horada [Test] by Cray-Monster

Random gif I made as a test.

OC: Lord Lucifer by Cray-Monster

Stereotypes by Cray-Monster

I’m so totally Kawaii!! by Cray-Monster

No Evil by Cray-Monster

Over by Cray-Monster

I had this sketch on my computer since forever and I finally decided to finish it…

Plus it gave me an excuse to practice drawing backgrounds and stuff~

kibastray asked:
Cray-monster I have to say I am interested in you comic. (even more so with the music style you added to it) When I checked out the realm in which this story takes place, it peeked my interest even more. The story has great potential. That being said however, I think you should keep in mind "fail faster." There is a youtube channel called Extra Credit and they have a video titled Fail Faster, it's meant for games but can work with comics too. (Dont get me wrong, I want to see more of your comic)

Ah haha thanks for your advice!

I can see where you are coming from and the video was quite insightful, However my webcomic is already one big trial and error kind of thing in my mind at least… I mean, of course I’d like it to do well but I’m also aware that it might not, So I kind of decided since before I started uploading it to, just make it for myself because at the end of the day I should be happy with what I’m making anyway, and making web-comics is a lot of fun for me…. 

Plus I am currently a student so I’m still learning new things all the time which I apply to both my educational projects and personal projects like my webcomic, so the current one on Tapastic is actually my second version haha~ 

But yeah, thanks you for your interest <3

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Adventure time: BMO by Cray-Monster

Dreamare doodle dump by Cray-Monster

OC: Vincent Sumisu by Cray-Monster

Timmy’s Game by Ducky-Monster


Check out my first speed paint video~

Inga by Ducky-Monster

OC: Ebony Black by Ducky-Monster